Blog Post - Cold Water Swimming & The Direct Experience

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Why are you writing about cold water swimming on a blog for corporate yoga?

Well, it is something I have been doing recently & they have a similarity that I am enjoying. I started going to Brockwell Lido about 2 months ago. Today that water was 5.7 degrees

Firstly, let me start by saying that I HATE being cold. This isn’t a little aversion; this is a full-on distain! I even get chilblains – once I got them in Australia, that is how badly my body reacts to the cold! So, yea, it only makes sense that I would want to plunge myself in to icy water and swim laps – haha!

Anyway, I did & it is amazing! If the point of yoga is to help you connect to you body that is what I have been doing during these swims & subsequent sauna sessions. I am instantly embodied. A direct experience without delay. Ongoing & unrelenting. And when I focus on the experience of my body, I realise that it actually feels good. Tingles over my whole body, an aliveness that feels something close to delicious.

And then there is the bravery it takes to dunk myself into the pool, even though my mind has been railing against it (sometime for days). Over & over & over again I take control when my mind has wandered off to an anxious place. I walk down the steps into the water and there it is…. Gasp in the air, tense up & then breath deep & release into the experience. It actually feels good. I feel good. Euphoric sometimes. And over & over & over again I realise that these anxious stories I tell myself might not be true.

So that is why I am bringing this new hobby to the blog, because getting into your body & having a direct experience is a fantastic thing to practice. As is realising that the stories we tell ourselves aren’t always the truth.

Give it a try. Go for a dip, take a cold shower or even run your wrists under cold water. Focus on the real feeling, not the story your mind is telling you about it & enjoy the experience.

Let me know how it goes.

Aisha 😊

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