Blog Post - Pleasure is a Practice

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I recently wrote a little something for my friends over at Cristazone that was based on a mantra one of my wonderful yoga teachers taught me. Pleasure is a practice.

Pleasure is something people often think they need to move away from if they want to live a healthier lifestyle. But moving towards what brings you joy can enhance every aspect of your mental, physical and emotional health.

I see people abstaining, grafting, pushing, restricting & fighting when they start trying to be healthier. And while those things aren’t inherently bad, I often see people do these things with a grimace on their face as they chug towards the edge of their willpower. Yes, sometimes it is necessary, but doing something you don’t like isn’t fun.

I have also noticed that pleasure is something we tend to shy away. For myself, I realised that often times I didn’t felt like I didn’t deserve to luxuriate in things that felt good. I also wasn’t looking for the joy in things I was already doing. Now I do & it is delicious.

For example, during my yoga practice I move in a way that feels the nicest. I don’t do the hardest moves, I don’t always follow the teacher’s ques, I moves to the sweetest spots & I stay there enjoying that moment. That revolutionised my practice. I can’t wait to get on my mat because I know it will feel good.

As we quest for a healthier life pleasure is a great motivator. So, find a movement practice that you enjoy, then do that. Find healthy food you think is delicious, then eat that. Find an art form that moves you, then engage with that. Find small pleasures you can layer throughout your days and enjoy them.

Pleasure is a practice; explore what makes you feel great and then do it!

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