Blog Post - Become an Employer of Choice & Win the War for Talent

Corporate Yoga & Business Advancement - A Series

In this series we are going to look at how a corporate wellness program, primarily yoga & meditation, can support the wider goals of your business through a series of posts.

In this particular article we are going to look at how a workplace wellness program can help you differentiate your company and give you a competitive edge in the recruitment landscape.

The war for talent is as ferocious as ever and finding, attracting & retaining top talent is tough. We know that two key things can help you in this area: 1) raising your company profile 2) increasing employee retention.

Having an accessible wellness program can support both of these goals with measurable effects.

Firstly, studies have shown that advertising your wellness program during the recruitment process can increase your company profile by 15%. In a landscape where top talent is constantly in high demand that type of advantage can put you well ahead of your competitors and drastically reduce the amount of time and money you spend on your recruitment process.

Moving on to the training and onboarding process. Gartner research shines a light how much money & time it really takes to properly integrate your newest staff members. One example, from a call centre, shows that it can take up to £12,000 to recruit & train a new member of staff. The same research highlights that the business will only start to see a return on this investment after 12-14 months of full-time work. How does your onboarding process stack up to this? Are people staying long enough for you to recoup your investment?

Finally, on that note, having an accessible wellness program is a powerful, cost effective way to reduce staff turnover. With studies showing that a corporate wellness program could reduce attrition by as much as 33%. Employees stay at workplaces with a wellness program longer as they state they are more satisfied, feel more included and build better cross-company relationships at work.

Introducing a corporate wellness can be relatively inexpensive and often times completely effortless to implement if you use an external provider like The Wellness Exchange. An internal wellness program also packs a powerful punch in raising your profile during the recruitment process and drastically increasing staff retention rates.

It is clear that there is a measurable ROI to be had by investing in a workplace wellness program, what is holding you back?

If you would like more information on how we can help you raise your profile & increase your employee retention get in touch with us on or 07548460956

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