Our Yoga Classes

All of our classes are run by qualified and insured instructors.  We always offer consent cards, alignment assists & have 8 different class options to choose from.

Inclusive classes for everyone

Qualified & insured instructors

eight different options 

Tailored for your needs

Hatha Yoga
A practice made up of static poses. Poses are held for a longer time with space between poses to catch your breath.
• Slower Pace
• Medium Intensity
• Gym Kit Needed
Vinyasa Yoga
Moving dynamically between poses in a creative sequence. Set to upbeat music these classes are energetic & uplifting.
• Faster Pace
• Higher Intensity
• Gym Kit Needed
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A focus on poses that release tension built up from sitting at a desk. Equipping students with tools they can use on their own.
• Slower Pace
• Lower Intensity
• No Gym Kit
A continuous flowing sequence with more time spent in each pose to give students time to focus on alignment & breath.
• Medium Pace
• Medium Intensity
• Gym Kit Needed
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A restorative practice that focuses on relaxing & opening the fascia. Yin Yoga is an inclusive practice that feels like a real treat.
• Slower Pace
• Lower Intensity
• Gym Kit Needed
A fully guided relaxation technique while you lie down. Experts state that 30 mins is equivalent to two hours of deep sleep.
• Slow Pace
• Low Intensity
• No Gym Kit
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David, Support Worker

I am so thankful for this yoga.  It started at the perfect time in my life & helped me navigate some tricky spots with a fresh perspective.

Trudy, Retired

These private classes have changed my life.  I went on holiday recently & went kayaking, swimming & hiking – things I wouldn’t have the confidence to do before.

Renee, Business Owner

Yoga has had a big influence on me & made a big impact on my life.  Something I never thought I would say when I started! haha! 

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