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Eating For Success

Understand how eating correctly can improve your career prospects & productivity.  Learn how to keep your energy levels optimal, and how to feed your brain to reduce stress.  Packed with practical tips for every day good health.

OJ is a leader in the field of sport & nutrition and has been a qualified practitioner for over 10 years. 


He knits the nutritional, psychological & physical elements all together to provide solutions, guidance and inspiration to help people lead healthier lives.

OJ has experience working with athletes, business leaders, and even royalty. His sessions are some of the most popular we offer as they are filled with practical, actionable advice that people can start using right away.  

Troubleshoot Your Tipple

Structured around a real-life case study, this is a chance to ask questions on any aspect of food and health such as the effectiveness of specific diets, managing specific conditions, losing belly fat and myth busting.

Meal Prep - Live Demo

One of our most popular sessions.  Based around a live demonstration of easy to prepare heart/brain healthy meals that everyone gets to enjoy.  Discuss why certain foods don’t combine well and others don’t and how to avoid the post lunch energy slump. 

Lunchtime on Lockdown

A walk around your favorite lunchtime outlets making sense of the mixed messages that circulate around food.  Learn how to make informed choices and decipher jargon.  A really practical workshop helping you to make healthier daily decisions.

Personalised Performance - Private Sessions  Scheduled sessions lasting 10-15 minutes offering people the chance to talk confidentially about an issue they may need help with. This is an ideal option if you are looking for a more targeted approach focused on direct action.

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